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While NAPM (national) held no official power over affiliates, they encouraged all affiliates to change their name to reflect NAPM.  As a result PMAA changed their name again in 1993 to the National Association of Purchasing Management-Alaska (NAPM-Alaska) until it changed it to ISM-Alaska in 2016.

In 1981, when PMAA became affiliated with NAPM (national), they were grouped under NAPM, District I, which included all affiliates on the west coast of the United States.  NAPM reorganized in 1982, placing PMAA within the newly formed District XI, consisting of affiliates in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska.  Under the District form of government, each affiliate provided a delegate to the District Council that in turn provided guidance to the NAPM Board of Directors.  The District I Council and later the District XI Council also organized, promoted and managed the Annual Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference (Conference), rotating the location among member affiliates. NAPM (national) reorganized again in 2000, changing their name to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and eliminating the District form of government. 

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